Ok ok, we’re REALLY late to the game with this one, and we massively apologise. In fairness, we actually did write this post when we first heard the track, but, ahem, may have accidentally saved instead of posting…. ffs!

Anyhows, allow us to introduce Billon (you’ve heard them before on here – responsible for the crazy Katy B Still remix from earlier this year), and also Maxine Ashley (you haven’t heard her on here… she’s new, but REALLY good!). They’ve come together to create, basically, one of our favourite tracks of the year so far… there’s probably a big reason why they’ve called it Special.

It’s kinda garage’y, kinda deep-house’y… and REALLY vocal’y. Basically, Special is REALLY FUCKING SPECIAL!

A release date hasn’t been confirmed yet (another ‘ffs’); looks like you’re just gonna have to stream it lots and lots until the day you can buy it then. Hit play below!