Following the unveiling of his own remix to latest single Addicted To You earlier in the week, Avicii has lifted the lid on his new take to hit True album track, Lay Me Down.

The song, one of the most anticipated at the time of the initial album’s release, features vocals by Adam Lambert alongside production from Chic hitmaker Nile Rodgers. The remix speeds up Lambert’s vocals to a more feminine stance, with impressive outcomes, and will go down an absolute storm in the clubs.

The remix formulates part of the tracklisting of Avicii’s forthcoming True remix album, which sees the EDM superstar remix all the tracks from the hit album. Set for 24th March release, the album is also expected to feature fresh versions of Avicii’s hits Hey Brother, Wake Me Up and You Make Me.

Take a listen below:


  1. I don’t like it. my fav part of the song was Adam’s vocals. The original is waaay better. And were is the funky Nile’s guitar? This is mediocre.

  2. The original track with Lambert’s REAL vocals is MUCH better than this, UGH! Seriously dude…why mess with perfection? 🙁

  3. Sorry, as a remix fan from way back I have to say that remix is ridiculous. It sounds like Alvin and the chipmunks. My 12 year old niece could create a better remix than that before breakfast. What was he thinking?

  4. OMG why has Avicii made Adam Lambert sound like a squeaky chipmunk on helium? This is awful ABORT ABORT!

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