In breaking news this evening, the official Oasis Twitter account (the band you fools, not the drink, which we also love), has tweeted a mysterious video prompting for announcement tomorrow morning (26th February) at 9am. UPDATE: Full story here.

Whilst many (including ourselves) are joining the reunion rumour-mill, we have our bets firmly placed on a 20th anniversary re-release of their 1994 groundbreaking debut Definitely Maybe, with the video showing some kind of nostalgia throw-back.

**UPDATE** We are hearing rumours from the recent issue of MOJO, regarding a remastered release of Definitely Maybe, including B-sides from that era alongside live sessions from 1993/94. Set for 19th May release. Please note this is just an update on rumours currently circulating.

**UPDATE** Oasis have posted the below image on Twitter:

Anyhow, guess we’ll all be finding out at 9am tomorrow. Catch the full clip below: