Busted and McFly’s joint collaborative project McBusted took to ITV’s The Jonathan Ross Show yesterday (22nd February), performing a medley of their past hits alongside speaking to the show-host about their current and future plans.

During the honest and frank interview, member James Bourne spoke openly regarding ex-bandmate Charlie Simpson’s reluctance to join the reunion. “I think McBusted works like this” he said, “but we all like Charlie, we don’t have a problem with Charlie and I think we’d like him to come back. It’s up to him”.

Bourne continued, “there came to a point where [I felt] he felt like he wasn’t releasing the music that he was creating on his own. It was about him releasing the music he wanted to release. Some of my favourite songs that we released were written by he and I, but as a whole the singles we were releasing weren’t his cup of tea.”

Catch the full interview, alongside their performance, below: