Sugababes member Heidi Range has seemingly confirmed the demise of the pop group during a recent interview (without actually confirming anything).

Speaking to UK newspaper The Metro earlier today, when questioned whether the girl-group have called it a day, Range replied “Not officially but we don’t have any plans for anything in the near future I don’t think there needs to be [an official announcement]….We haven’t released anything for a few years and don’t have any plans to. Maybe one day we’ll fancy doing something. Maybe we won’t.”

Range, who has been in the band since 2001, was originally brought in to replace Siobhan Donaghy who left after the release of acclaimed first album One Touch, however those close to the pop world will undoubtedly know the history of the once-lauded group and their multiple line-up changes.

Their last line-up change, in 2009, saw Eurovision’s Jade Ewen replace last founding member Keisha Buchanan, and since then the once all-powerful girl group had become some form of a laughing stock.

Range spoke of the demise of the group more positively, saying she felt “great…. I was in Sugababes for 11 years. It’s amazing for a pop band to last that long but right now it’s time for a break from all that.”

Whilst this may not be any form of surprise for the industry, it’s interesting to hear that finally Range has been so open and embracing the various rumours that have been flying about the band for the past couple of years.

As we await new music from the now-reformed original members of the band (Keisha Buchanan, Mutya Beuna, Siobhan Donaghy) under their MKS moniker, Heidi Range is preparing for the role of Pinky in the forthcoming musical based on hit TV show Happy Days. “It sounds cheesy but I enjoy being part of a team and building the show together… Rehearsing is something I haven’t done for years – the Sugababes didn’t rehearse, we just did it on stage – and it’s fun to be interacting with the rest of the cast.”