Music tech giant Spotify have announced they are to expand their free streaming option to all devices; essentially allowing non-paying users to listen to the company’s huge library of music free on their iOS or Android tablet apps.

The service, which is expected to go live within the next 25-hours, will work primarily on Tablets, however the free streaming option is currently being planned for mobile devices too. “We’ve found that users are increasingly listening to music in the home not on their computers but on their tablets,” said Spotify founder Daniel Ek, “It made sense to start treating a tablet just like a regular computer”.

The new mobile option, which has been dubbed ‘Spotify Shuffle, allows users to shuffle their own playlists and artists, however due to the free nature of the offering, users will not be able to select specific tracks.

Users around the world will still have the opportunity to pay for Spotify’s services to allow them access to the firm’s full-suite of product offerings. Head over to for more information in your local market.