James Arthur has taken to Twitter to apologise and quash rumours of homophobia due to the negative nature of his ‘diss track’ Worthless, aimed as a response to rapper Mickey Worthless’ online spat against the singer.

For what started out as an online Twitter spat, the two were embroiled in a war of words, heightened when Worthless unveiled a piece of music full of defamatory comments about the X Factor winner.

In response to the launch of the supposed ‘rap battle’, James Arthur unleashed his own Worthless track, which contained the line “You probably want to stick your dick in me, you fucking queer”.

The response has sent blogs and music critics into a storm, particularly comedian Matt Lucas, who Tweeted the following:

However Arthur has responded apologetically to this, saying he was “Deeply deeply sorry to any gay or lesbian people out there”, before joking “Plus Rylan is one of my best mates and he is as gay as they come! #LOVE”. He also apologised directly to Matt Lucas, who both had this public conversation:

Read the full apology below, and let us know your thoughts on the whole outburst. James is currently riding high on the UK Album Charts with his self-titled debut LP (beaten to the top spot by Eminem’s MMLP2).



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