Dizzee Rascal took to Twitter last night, criticising BBC Radio 1’s decisions regarding their music selection.

Firing out at the frustration that the station has yet to play the rapper’s latest single Love This Town, the star tweeted “Who ever does Radio 1 playlist… I’m tired of you… you better stop playing me. Make up your… minds!!!” before following “I’m tired of putting up with… Radio 1! If anyone’s got a problem let me know,”. These have been edited due to profanities, however please see full tweets below:

A spokesperson for Radio 1 said: “Radio 1 has given Dizzee huge support over the last decade, and whilst not every song can make the cut, we have playlisted three singles off his current album, so we were very disappointed and really surprised to read these comments.”

The response has divided online opinion, with many seeming to side with the East London rapper, whilst critics have slammed his decisions to speak so openly to a station who have heralded such a resurgence in UK music over the past couple of years.