vv brown

After her brilliant ‘comeback’ single The Apple caused people to sit up and take note, British singer/songwriter VV Brown, best known for her breakthrough track Shark In The Water, has unveiled her new album Samson & Delilah in full.

The album is Brown’s first since 2009’s Travelling Like The Light; the follow-up was set to be 2011’s Lollipops & Politics, however this was eventually shelved to make way for her 2013 record.

The album itself feels fairly ‘concept’ in its initially approach. Think MGMT meets Grace Jones, bizarre concoction but it seems to work; ultimately Brown is clearly seeking to find a spot for herself in the British music scene. Fortunately for her, it seems ‘unconventional’ is the ‘new black’ in today’s chart landscape – artists don’t seem to be afraid to push boundaries and even more fortunately, the public seem finally happy to embrace this. If there was any era for this album to succeed, the time is now.

Samson & Delilah is out now; click the iTunes link below to buy: