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Thousands of fans have gone online to sign a petition calling for producers of the forthcoming Man of Steel 2 movie to replace Ben Affleck from the lead role of Batman.

The casting, announced last week, divided opinion, with many fans requesting Dark Knight Rises star Christian Bale to take the helm in the new movie, which is set to unite Marvel heroes Batman and Superman.

So far, over 60,000 fans have signed the online petition, set up by fan John Roden. Roden argues that “His (Affleck’s) acting skill is not even close to being believable as Bruce Wayne and he won’t do the role justice. He’s not built, nor is he intimidating enough for the role of Batman. His portrayal of Daredevil was atrocious and he’s not remotely close to an action star. Please find someone else”..

Roden continues “I would like to add that this petition was not meant in any way to harm Ben Affleck or his career. I respect Affleck’s work, I just feel he is inappropriate for the role.

I would also like to denounce any petitions on any other sites bearing this title. I am not/nor was I ever affiliated with them. It came to my attention that someone used my title on and I do not support that. The U.S. government has more pressing matters to deal with such as the chemical warfare being used in Syria, rather than who was cast as Batman. This is a neutral site which is why I chose it for fans to voice their opinions.”

What are your thoughts on the casting? Who would you like to play the Caped Crusader? Let us know below.