British garage/rap collective, the So Solid Crew, have announced a forthcoming ‘Best of’ album for release on September 30th.

The group have confirmed that serveral ‘offshoot’ tracks will also appear, from the likes of Oxide and Neutrino and Lisa Maffia. Solid Soul: The Best of So Solid will be preceded by new single UK How Wid It‘ as well as two new songs Emergency and Bagpipes.

Check out the full-listing below as well as blog-favourite Ride With Us.

1. So Solid: ‘UK How Wid It’
2. So Solid: ’21 Seconds’
3. Oxide & Neutrino: ‘Bound 4 Da Reload’
4. So Solid: ‘Ride With Us’
5. Lisa Maffia: ‘All Over’
6. So Solid: ‘They Don’t Know’
7. So Solid: ‘Haters’
8. Oxide & Neutrino: ‘Only Wanna Know You Cos You’re Famous’
9. Oxide & Neutrino: ‘No Good 4 Me’
10. So Solid: ‘Bagpipes’
11. Romeo Dunn ft. Christina Milian: ‘It’s All Gravy’
12. MC Romeo ft. Lisa Maffia, Thug Angel & Tiger 2: ‘Romeo Dunn’
13. Lisa Maffia: ‘In Love’
14. So Solid: ‘Broken Silence’
15. Swiss: ‘Cry’
16. Oxide & Neutrino: ‘Dem Girlz (I Don’t Know Why)’
17. Oxide & Neutrino: ‘Up Middle Finger’
18. Oxide & Neutrino: ‘Devil’s Nightmare’
19. So Solid: ‘Emergency’ [iTunes bonus track]