Lady Gaga

In a press conference yesterday (Thursday 25th July), the remaining members of 90s R&B girl-group TLC announced a new record deal, along with further information on their biopic “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story”. The deal will see their first new material for over 10 years (since 2002’s 3D), with the first album being a reworked collection of their greatest hits along with 4 new tracks, one of which, Posh Life, has been penned by Lady Gaga.

The track, which also features Gaga on vocals, is fairly simple in its arrangement and is a fairly straightforward R&B/pop ditty. Will it stand the test of time, akin to Waterfalls, Creep and No Scrubs? Well, no, unfortunately, however remember though, this is still a demo so there could still be a few changes before the full release.

In other Gaga-esque news, the singer revealed that the first performance from her forthcoming album Artpop will take place at next month’s MTV Video Music Awards on August 25th.

Check out Posh Life below:


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