British artist Jai Paul has quietly released his self-titled debut album on Bandcamp.

The release from the notorious artist came without any direct PR or associated notice; moreso Paul has let the art of social media spread the word for him.

All the tracks are untitled (which begs the question as to whether this was an accidental leak or an official upload), however track 16 is the artist’s infamous ‘BTSTU’, whilst other favourite ‘Jasmine’ also makes an appearance too. Unusually, the vocalist has also covered 90s classic ‘Crush’ by Jennifer Paige; it’s a bit shaky in parts but very cool to hear male vocals on a more ‘XX-y’ beat.

Based on ‘BTSTU’ and ‘Jasmine’ alone, I’ve been ridiculously excited by this debut. I’m sure many reviews will follow suit soon!

Take a listen and download below: