British electropop artist Frankmusik has taken to social media to announce he is to delay his long-awaited new LP.

Posting on Facebook a short while ago, the singer/producer said,

I have to sadly confirm that my new album will no longer be released on April 1st. The reasons are simple and I have no problem explaining them. But whats the point. You just need to know that this will be the best album I have ever made and I want it to have the kind of release it deserves. Time has not been on my side in cramming everything in that I need to do but I’m getting there. I have some very very exciting news coming up in the next couple of weeks too. Just hang in there folks. I’m shooting videos and getting everything together with the help of an ever expanding team that are helping the Frankmusik brand really establish itself as a fully independent creative output for me and for that I am so so grateful. I felt I needed to start from scratch in January which is great, but my vision is wide and for that you need resources and my biggest one if not all of ours (despite it more often than not being over looked) is time. I hope you all understand. This album is something I want to listen to and play to my adopted children many years from now and say, “yeah son. I did that”. This will be that album.

The expected album has already been preceded by his brilliant comeback EP ‘Far From Over’ – cop it for free here.