Ruff Ryder rapper Eve has announced her latest album ‘Lip Lock’ is to be released on 14th May.

The album serves as her first major release in a little over 11 years, and it’s widely known that the Ruff Ryder singer has been working hard in the studio whilst entwining music with an acting career.

Speaking in an interview earlier today, Eve said “I don’t want people to take [Lip Lock] too seriously,” she says. “I’m not trying to relive any moments of my life. I’m in a new place in my life. I’m almost a new artist. It’s a fun record.”

The 12-track album will feature guest collaborations by major stars and producers alike, including Missy Elliott, Snoop Dogg and Swizz Beatz. The album’s expected lead single, ‘Make It Out This Town’, has also been announced, and can be heard below.