Music mogul Simon Cowell has announced the latest instalment in his talent-show programs, but with a modern-day twist.

Cowell’s ‘The You Generation’, set to launch 20th March 2013, will be a global talent search allowing contestants to audition via YouTube. He took to the site as the obvious platform to share the news with a trailer that can be seen below.

The ‘search’ is expected to last for up to a year, with a new ‘talent’ being hunted every fortnight to find an eventual winner.

Syco teaming up with the online video site is the most obvious next progression for both parties – the likes of Ed Sheeran and Lily Allen all found their fame by using essentially ‘freemium’ methods of distributing their content. The global reach of YouTube, combined with the massive advertising opportunities that will no-doubt be available with the show, will have appealed to both the record label and the YouTube’s parent company Google.

Watch the trailer for ‘The You Generation’ below:


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