We’re always keen to introduce new artists here at Stagedoor.FM, and Alex Adams is one of those rare treats that could be destined for great things.

The Brighton-born lad has been making great waves in the live circuit of late, with stints at noteworthy venues such as The Cavern, The Borderline, The Underbelly, Rock City (to name a few), and whilst he’s preparing for debut single release ‘Control’ in April, he’s decided to leak ‘Lola’ as a free download to help spread the word.

It’s quite a catchy track if truth be told…. with a look not far-removed from Daniel Merriweather, and a sound close to Olly Murs (which will please the pop crowd), Adams has done well utilising this track to get himself noticed.

Speaking about why he decided to distribute ‘Lola’ for free, Adams mooted “I personally wanted to give something back to those amazing audiences who share that incredible adrenalin rush with me every time I perform. ‘Lola’ is for them, a way of saying thanks.”

Alex’s official debut single comes in the form of ‘Control’, released on 15 April. Self-penned, Adams depicts the need to take control of a situation in those times when you feel as if you’re losing your grip. The message is wrapped in the modern R&B mastery of this track which plays host to Alex’s soaring vocals – a voice that’s unique in every way to any other artist out there.

For those who want to see what the fuss is about, you can check Alex out on the live circuit over the next month. Dates are:

Mar 05 The Haunt – Brighton
Mar 06 The Star – Guildford
Mar 07 The Cellars At Eastney – Portsmouth
Mar 22 Rattlesnake of Angel – London

Stream ‘Lola’ on the Soundcloud link at the top of this page (including free download), and check out the video after the jump. Watch out for this kid, I have a feeling you could be hearing a bit more about him over the next 6 months or so!


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