The US singles chart had an overhaul to now include YouTube views within its counting. Billboard have joined with Neilsen (a comprehensive researcher of online statistics) to update their chart methodology to include music video views. This already adds to the list of physical sales, digital downloads, radio airplay and web-streaming services.

This overhaul will have a major impact on Billboard’s infamous Hot 100. The inclusion of video views means that tracks such as the current YouTube sensation ‘The Harlem Shake’ by Baauer, stormed into the Number One position.

Speaking of the subject, Billboard’s editorial director Bill Werde’ said:

“The very definition of what it means to have a hit is ever-changing these days. The Billboard charts are the ultimate measure of success in music, and they constantly evolve to reflect these new music experiences. When the charts launched over 70 years ago, a hit was defined as selling copies of a single or generating airplay. While those avenues are still viable, one needn’t look any further than CeeLo, Gotye, Psy or now Baauer to know that a song can be a massive hit on YouTube alone.”