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Rumours are afloating the web that UK singer Adele is to receive some form of apology at tonight’s BRIT Awards.

Awards chairman David Joseph has revealed that Adele being cut off during her speech at last year’s show will be put right at tonight’s event, admitting that the decision to end her speech should never have happened.

Joseph admitted in an interview with The Guardian:

“How can you take an artist who has made the biggest cultural impact musically this country has seen globally for some time and cut her off in the middle of her speech? I very much to this day question what was happening in that control booth.”

If indeed an apology is given tonight, it could mark three years on the trott that Adele has been central to the BRITs. In 2011, the singer threw away the need for pizazz and flashing lights to perform an emotional and captivating performance of Someone Like You, whilst last year’s infamous ‘cutting off’ by James Cordon sent the headlines in a spin.

Guess we’ll all find out tonight then! Watch the infamous ‘cut-off’ below: