Heavily denied by both Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, it seems that actually a Destiny’s Child performance at tonight’s Superbowl could well happen.

Courtney Labat, cheerleader for the NFL, ‘accidentally’ let the cat out of the bag when during a mid-rehearsal interview. When sneakily asked how rehersals with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were going, Labat replied “Yeah, they’ve been awesome. We were actually able to see the show yesterday.”

Adding more fuel to this fire, another superfan, who’s also working at the annual NFL game, sent out a few tweets to help back up these rumours (see below).

Vh1 concert was great! Today @cnn bleacher report! Tomorrow, with Beyoncé, Kelly & Michelle will be awesomess.

— 😉 (@cnoellashow) February 2, 2013

I cant believe I just had this amazing experience with Beyoncé , Kelly & Michelle!

— 😉 (@cnoellashow) February 1, 2013

Though absent from the airwaves as a three-piece for a while, a Destiny’s Child performance (plus a rumoured new album too) will definitely support this year’s #yearofthecomeback moniker. With new track ‘Nuclear’ now on general release, it’s inevitable that a live performance will help support sales.