It’s been a fairly Timberlake-packed few days here, and to top it off, another piece of news hits us that Mr JT will be performing at next month’s 55th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

The annual event at LA’s Staples Centre has always been a coveted performing-slot, with standout performers including Michael Jackson (Man In The Mirror) and Gorillaz (performing a ‘mash-up’ with Madonna on Feel Good Inc & Hung Up). This year’s awards show, on February 10th, is set to feature some current pop-royalty, including our own prized export, Ed Sheeran. Timberlake’s performance is set to be the icing on the cake, particularly with his forthcoming new album ‘The 20/20 Experience’ set to drop just over one month later.

This isn’t Timberlake’s first Grammy performance – his 2007 set with ‘My Grammy Moment’-winner Robyn Troup drove a standing ovation; I would expect this year’s one to follow in familiar footsteps.

Check out the My Love performance below:


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