To any rap-fan, the name Talib Kweli will always ring greatness. It’s hard to believe that the infamous Brooklyn MC has been on the scene for over 17 years, with each release driving the same thought-provoking verses as before.

Whilst 2010’s ‘Gutter Rainbows’ failed to reach the sales levels of his previous releases, the persistent rapper has refused to remain downbeat about the whole thing, instead going straight back to the studio to work on follow-up LP ‘Prisoner of Conscious’ (due April 2013).

Kweli released the first single off the album in July 2012; however today we bring you single #2, which I personally believe could be some of his best work for many years.

The video (below) has that sorta Cassidy’s ‘I’m A Hustla’ feel… you’ll see what I mean: