It’s here! As per our blog post yesterday, Artful has unleashed his Unfinished Business EP onto t’internets. The link’s below as per, however it’s followed by our very very VERY quick snapshot ‘review’ about each track.

If you can’t be bothered reading it and just want to listen, then for all intense purposes, the EP is sublime.

Enjoy, here it is!

‘Architect’ featuring Cairo
– This opening track sounds very much like an excerpt from MJ Cole’s – Crazy Love. This is no bad thing; a fantastic way to open up the EP with a sorta ‘signature sound’ of the early 2000’s.

– soulful DnB but then throws in some wonderful synths
– it’s the brilliant UKG mix (track 4) that really does this track justice. A combination of 2-step and 4/4; again fantastically executed.

He Loves Me (ft Terri Walker)
– I love Terri Walker’s vocals, so hearing these two working together is always going to make me smile.
– My favourite track on the EP. Love it.
– The first 0:01 sounds like it could be the intro to Moving too Fast (just a wee observation there!)

– Started running out of superlatives here. Again, very nice – slightly less soulful, but think along the lines of Todd Edwards’ ‘Shut The Door’-vibe – the sweet vocals mixed with a 4/4 beat.

Planes, Trains & Migraines
– feel like I should be hearing this in Napa 2000, or at a come-down party in Ibiza.
– Instrumental-only; hopefully Artful will seed this out as a competition to find some vocal talents.

All in, really liking this, and fantastic to be hearing some new Artful (Dodger) again!