This is amazing, so so amazing. Hearing that a new Prince release was on the horizon certainly made us squeal like a 10 year old at a One Direction concert.

It’s fairly un-Princey – very rocky and far far removed from the New Power Generation goodness of many-moons ago, but still, it’s Prince. Like Justin Timberlake’s latest cut, the new song by both of these artists isn’t [unfortunately] phenomenal; however the fact that they’re back in the music game is.

Unfortunately, due to restrictions, we couldn’t post the new track on the blog, however head over here to check out the lyric video. We’ll of course do our utmost to share once we find a legal way around it.

Oh, and also, the associated post picture is of the latest Billboard issue. Prince will be performing at the annual Billboard Awards on 19th May as well as collect the [much-deserved] Icon award.

A good year in music so far 🙂